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The Gwabalis Fisheries Group is a partnership of the Mamalilikulla, Da’naxda’xw, Quatsino and Tlatlasikwala First Nations who came together to form a successful and growing, 100% First Nation owned and operated Commercial Fishing Business. 

Based in Northern Vancouver Island our current business focus is to lease commercial fishing licences and quota while supporting First Nation fishermen. We work to create employment and training opportunities for our members and develop programs that support and build healthy vibrant communities.

KDC Health - Kwakiutl District Council

Mission Statement - "Gawalla xa hamattalla." - Helping our people.

The mission statement is based on the traditional value and belief that our purpose in life is about "servitude" or "helping our people." In order for us to fulfull that role it requires us individually to be the best leader that we can be; in order to truly be in the place of helping our people. This is the foundation of our way of life, the Potlatch.

Knight Inlet Lodge

Knight Inlet Lodge includes a minority shareholder by five indigenous investors. We offer a wildlife viewing destination in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. We invite you to spend your days viewing magnificent grizzlies and your nights enjoying fine dining and accommodation in a spectacular setting.

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